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Refrigeration Installation

When you require a new, professionally installed commercial refrigerator for your business location, look no further than the experts at Total HVACR Services LLC. Our team of refrigeration contractors is committed to the highest standards of quality and long-lasting durability.

We design and install outstanding walk-in refrigerators in a variety of layouts and capacities. We help you maintain your business's entire inventory at the perfect storing temperature and also allow you to save significantly on energy consumption.

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Outstanding Commercial Refrigeration Services for Your Business

You depend heavily on your business's refrigeration system to store your produce safely for the longest possible period. You also need to make sure your walk-in refrigeration system has the capacity to handle your entire inventory in an organized fashion without being excessively stocked.

Total HVACR Services LLC has served a tremendous variety of enterprises, including restaurants, bars, hotels, cafeterias, grocery and specialty stores, and a number of other establishments. We help establishments streamline their processes by installing the highest quality refrigerators. We customize your refrigerator to your space and needs.

Our expertise in commercial refrigeration is unmatched, and we work with diligence and precision on each site to ensure outstanding results. We also perform a full range of maintenance and repair services, allowing you to get the longest possible lifespan out of your commercial refrigeration.

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Unparalleled Expertise in Commercial and Walk-In Refrigerator Installations

We begin each of our client services with a detailed, comprehensive consultation. We establish your business's needs and goals to create a refrigeration system truly customized to your needs.

When we have established every detail of your design, we proceed diligently with the installation. A commercial walk-in refrigerator is essentially a giant air conditioning unit, and its main components include the evaporator fan coil, compressor, and a condensing coil which is either water-cooled or air-cooled.

Our refrigerators are installed using the highest quality materials and equipment to provide you with years of dependable use. The refrigeration process is efficient and patient, and in no time will be ready for years of dependable storage!

Experienced, Dependable Refrigeration Contractors

Our contractors have been serving a wide range of commercial facilities for years.

We are fully licensed and bonded for our wide range of services and make a point to feature the latest and most effective products in our inventory. We are also committed to helpful and courteous customer service and can provide expert advice.

Our business is the one to serve yours!

Upgrade Your Commercial Ice Machine or Refrigerator with the Experts

When you need nothing but the best refrigeration services for your business, look no further than the refrigeration contractors at Total HVACR Services LLC. We have the experience, resources, and skills to serve your enterprise.

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